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Childproofing Done Right!
Safety Proofing Your Pets & Elders
So Disasters Don't Happen
Yes, Childproofing Matters

Childproofing, or safety-proofing, your home for a toddler, pet or family elder might be one of your most important decisions.  Where some of the obvious tasks, like outlet or cord safety can usually be accomplished by the homeowner in a short period of time, the “hows and whats” to install regarding gate safety, securing top-heavy furniture, and locking cabinets that contain dangerous chemicals or breakables should best be left to a professional. 



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About Us

Home Safe Home Childproofing is one of Chicagoland area’s #1 safety proofing, family owned companies since 1992, and one of the premier businesses recognized by the International Association for Child Safety. Safety Proofing your home is our #1 concern. No safety proofing job is too small, or challenge too great to tackle. We specialize in child safety proofing, safety proofing for elders, &  safety proofing for pets. We are your source for Gift Certificates for any occasion.


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