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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

Over the years, hundreds of satisfied clients have asked me how Home Safe Home Childproofing got its start.  So, let me give you a little history on the company and background on my interests and experience.  Back in 1992, my wife and I were visiting a friend in the far north west suburbs, watching a “handyman” sweat and groan while installing various plastic cabinet latches and toilet locks. When he was finished, I noticed that he never took the time to show the new parents how to operate the devices, (or clean up his mess), he just wanted to finish the job and get paid.  I told my wife right then and there, “I can do this and involve the new parents in all aspects of the product decision process”, because these devices will become an integral part of their homes over the next 18 months or what could be as long as several years.  And from that point, we hit the ground running . . . as a matter of fact, our company was helping to educate other families even before the International Association for Child Safety was founded!

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Our Story

I have always been a very safety conscious, detail minded guy who seems to have several “home improvement” projects working at the same time.  I love the challenge and satisfaction of problem solving (and getting compensated for it made the decision a no brainer)!  When I was young, my parents taught me to “treat others as you would expect to be treated”, and consequently I try to return phone calls to answer questions and set appointments the same day of inquiry, remove my shoes in the homes of others and most importantly, vacuum up any debris I left in the process of installation. I’ve been told that being a smaller, family owned and operated business works to our advantage in these respects.  In addition, I’ve worked with hundreds of families with multi-age children over the years that call me “Home Safe Hal” when they see me! And it is not uncommon to be asked to child-proof their grandparents homes as well as family summer homes out of state. 

I’ve lived in the Buffalo Grove community with my wife and two children for over 35 years, and volunteer on several committees and organizations in and around the village including photographing the events of Buffalo Grove Days.  In an effort to learn more about the commitment and dedication of our police and fire department personal, I’ve completed both the Citizen’s Police and Fire Academy as well as being one of the first handful of graduated volunteers of CERT, our Community Emergency Response Team.  Consequently, I try to advise all my families of the benefits of having a quality fire escape ladder, as well as a practiced family fire escape plan.  Recognizing the spirit shown in these fields of interest, founding members of Buffalo Grove’s Mobilecomm unit (our established Emergency Management Agency) invited me to join their team in the event that a coordinated plan for disaster communication is ever needed in or around the community. And up until recently, I volunteered with AARP teaching Driver Refresher Courses.  I am also on the board of directors for EMS Road Docs Illinois, NFP. We are a volunteer group of first responders, paramedics and medical personal (primarily but not inclusively) on motorcycles that provide medical support to various charity rides and veterans activities such as "Honor Flight" throughout the year. 

Meet Hal At Work 


Our Safety Gates Are By Gatekeepers

When I was approached by Tom Mitchell, president of Gatekeepers, to offer the industry’s first and finest custom made and installed removable hardwood safety gates to my clients, the decision was easy.  Not only has this gate elevated our company beyond the competition, but it has also opened up new opportunities in the areas where families with pets, grandparents that have moved back home, as well as those living with members that have special needs require some specific type of containment.  Most common safety gates are only recommended for children up to the age of 24 months, but Gatekeepers’ unique design, versatility, and locking mechanism and independent safety testing to withstand pressures up to 500 pounds, makes them suitable for a variety of situations never before considered.  Clients are not only impressed with these products, but they appreciate the service and support we provide.  From initial measurements, to the thorough consultation and final installation of these unique gates, we make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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